100″ Planar 4K LCD solutions avilable in AV PROM


New Planar 4K LCD Digital Signage solutions

LEYARD epx100-t


Introduced at ISE-2019 new 100″ LCD Digital Signage display by LEYARD now available at the AV PROM Company.

New 100″ Digital Signage display Planar EPX100.

One of the biggest LCD solution for the Digital Signage!

The Planar® EPX Series is a 100” 4K LCD display with Ultra HD resolution (3840 x 2160), high brightness of 700 nits and a wide color gamut for stunning image quality and deeper, richer color reproduction. Designed with commercial-grade features, the Planar EPX Series meets the demanding requirements of retail and corporate digital signage applications.

Also available in touch, the Planar EPX100-T brings interactivity to the 4K immersive experience.

Optimized for Digital Signage

  • 4K resolution for life-like picture quality
  • High brightness of 700 nits for high impact messaging in high ambient lighting environments
  • Wide color gamut for deeper, richer color reproduction
  • OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) slot enables seamless integration of compatible digital signage hardware
  • Logo-free bezel

High Performance

  • 4K@60Hz DisplayPort and HDMI connectivity including HDCP 2.2
  • Upscaling of Full HD or sub-1080p content to fill the entire 4K display area
  • 24×7 operation and reliability to support extended use
  • Durable, all metal enclosure
  • Fanless for whisper-quiet operation

Configuration Flexibility

  • Mountable in either portrait or landscape orientation
  • VESA mount compatibility
  • Simultaneous multi-source viewing of 2 or 4 sources at one time
  • Crestron control module available

For calculating projects using equipment LEYARD Planar EPX 100/EPX 100-T, please contact the sales Department of a company AV PROM by phone +7 (495) 212-08-30, send a request or mailto  info@av-prom.com

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Unilumin UTVIII – available in AV PROM


Unilumin UTVIII – available in AV PROM

Unilumin UTVIII – в AV PROM


AV PROM presents a new solution from Unilumin Company – world’s leader at LED-sulution range: 176″ LED UTVIII display .

Widescreen complete solution Unilumin UTVIII is universal in their application. It can be a corporate smart solution for meeting rooms or a Digital Signage device in public places-exhibition and press halls, malls and shopping centers, and even a home entertainment center with a huge LED screen, an area of 8m2. And in addition, a wide range of connected devices turns Unilumin UTVIII into a huge Smart TV.

Unilumin XVIII combines a modular design, a network connection via the Wi-Fi brand Bose sound system, USB ports and a controller.The solution is bundled with Unicast software that allows you to manage content from the cloud, create playlists, display up to 10 windows with customizable resolution, and manage multiple displays over the Internet.

The huge 2 by 4 meter LED screen provides perfect picture quality because of the extended color range, uniform seamless image without distortion at the joints and wide viewing angles of the display.

AV PROM offers Unilumin UTVIII with a pitch of 1.9, and P2.6. To order Unilumin UTVIII please follow the link.
For calculating projects using equipment Unilumin, please contact the sales Department of a company AV PROM by phone +7 (495) 212-08-30, send a request or mailto info@av-prom.com

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New EYEVIS LCD for videowalls



eyevis EYE-LCD-4900-XSN-FX


The new EYE-LCD-4900-XSN-FX is eyevis‘ latest super narrow bezel display in AV PROM!

Dear clients and partners!

Announced in early March, super narrow bezel 49″ LCD display  ideo walls eyevis EYE-LCD-4900-XSN-FX with a gap of 3.5 mm is available in AV PROM.

The new EYE-LCD-4900-XSN-FX is eyevis‘ latest super narrow bezel display for video wall applications. With a screen diagonale of 49 inches (124 cm) it fills the gap between the existing 46- and 55-inch versions.

High Quality at an entry-level price!

The devices offer full HD resolution with 1920 × 1080 pixels, direct-LED backlight technology and excellent colour reproduction. Designed specifically for use in video walls, the display features a mere 3.5mm of mechanical bezel width between two displays, while an internal matrix scaler allows intuitive operation of the devices in a video wall. The displays come with special non-sticking functions that prevent burn-in of static image content or so-called image sticking effects in continuous operation.

All components were selected for their reliable operation in demanding professional applications. Through an optimised production process for this display type we are able to offer the EYE-LCD-4900-XSN-FX at a very cost-efficient price-level.

Of course, eyevis offers a range of options for the product, like different mounts, colour adjustment systems, or our system health monitoring system NetLink.

To design and calculate projects using eyevis EYE-LCD-4900-XSN-FXplease contact the sales Department of the company AV-PROM by phone +7 (495) 212-08-30, or send a request or mailto:info@av-prom.ru

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Barco UniSee – the new videowall standart


Barco UniSee – a new standard for videowalls creation
Barco UniSee


Barco UniSee videowalls in the AV PROM

Barco UniSee takes a completely new approach to truly seamless LCD video walls. Redesigning and optimizing every component, Barco UniSee is not only a step forward in terms of image quality, but also in installation time, ease-of-servicing, and reliability.

Bezel-less viewing experience, innovative mounting system

NoGap technology, which makes the inter-tile gap barely noticeable, finally makes it possible to spread content over multiple tiles without the interruption of a disturbing bezel. In order to guarantee the smallest possible gap without damaging the panels’ edges, Barco has created the UniSee Mount. This revolutionary mounting structure uses the power of gravity to perfectly and automatically align panels – and keep them in place over time. What’s more, UniSee Mount also eases setup and maintenance efforts, allowing swift undocking of separate panels.

Automatic real-time calibration for perfect uniformity

Sense X, the automatic, continuous and real-time color and brightness calibration system, ensures that the complete wall gives a perfectly balanced image at all times. What’s more, Barco has also re-engineered the design of the panels to counter all possible variations in brightness from the center to the edges.

Easy diagnosing and servicing

Because a video wall is often part of a critical application, Barco took all possible measures to ensure optimal uptime. The platform is built in such a way that it can easily be diagnosed and serviced. The software platform (UniSee Connect) that manages the entire video wall automatically assigns and calibrates the panels, and acts as the single point of connection for remote diagnostics and control.

To design and calculate projects using Barco UniSee please contact the sales Department of the company AV-PROM by phone +7 (495) 212-08-30, or send a request or mailto: info@av-prom.ru

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