Preliminary Audit

Once upon a time the customer makes a difficult decision about the need to improve or change their AV infrastructure. As a rule, he is forced to this by the discrepancy of the existing system to the modern technical level. In this case, we are talking about the dismantling of existing equipment and installation of new one. There is also an option in which the customer and does open a new facility, which should be implemented, for example, a meeting room or a series of meeting rooms or a control room with a videowall. Both in the first and in the second case, just to assess how and what exactly can be done – requires a qualified pre-project technical audit.

Preliminary audit by AV PROM

The starting point for the implementation of any AV infrastructure project is its preliminary assessment. Moreover, the term “assessment” has a broader interpretation, namely: how much on this particular object of the customer is possible to install a specific solution? Are there, and if there are, what kind of restrictions on the work on a particular object? Is it possible to change the existing infrastructure, or will the implementation and final functionality of the solution be limited? Preliminary project audit of the customer’s object is intended to answer all these questions.

Obviously that only competently and carefully carried out preliminary project audit will be able to give the” green light ” to those or other solutions that will be laid later at the design stage. The cost of error is too high – in best case, additional costs may be incurred during the project implementation phase. In the worst, there may be a situation in which the solution will can not to be realized.

Preliminary audit by AV PROM

Indeed, we are talking about an expert assessment of the state of the infrastructure. And the key word here is “expert”. Many customers uderstood long ago that the final result directly depends on who and how conducts the preliminary project audit. And it can be implemented years after the decision on the need for infrastructure changes. And given the complexity of the object-it may be that responsible for the omission will be impossible to find.

That is why it is critically important that the audit is conducted by professionals with experience in the implementation of complex projects that understand what “pitfalls” may occur at the assemling and installation stage.

Preliminary audit by AV PROM

The AV PROM company’s specialists have the requiring qualifications to perform the engineering audit. They have hundreds of implemented projects. And most important reason is the customers, who trust us for a long time!

Project development

Multimedia complex designing is a complex set of works, as a result of which the end customer receives a complete solution with the necessary performance characteristics. Designing usually includes several important stages, each of them is a continuation and development of the previous one.

Before starting work related to the design, the most important starting point is the creation and approval of the concept of the upcoming project. In other words – it is necessary to develop a common approach to solving the problem that would suit the customer. Only the understanding of what exactly it will be conceptually and gives the “green light” to the direct work on the project.

AV PROM engineering

The initial stage in the design is the evaluation of the project functionality, laid by the customer. It is very important to make the right choice of possible equipment and communications in advance and to approve it from the customer. It is necessary to consider the characteristics of the facility and the probable existing limitations affecting the functionality – power supply, the buildings area, the materials used in the construction, and many other similar factors.

As a result of the initial stage, the specialists develop a technical specification for the design. It takes into account all functional requirements and identified and agreed restrictions on a particular object. A competent designer will always help the customer to make the correct technical Specification. This will directly depend on what the customer will get finally.

AV PROM engineering

According to the results of the technical task drawn up in the previous stage, the necessary project (technical) documentation is developed for the implementation. This is a serious document, which is made by the engineers of the design company in accordance with industry requirements and standards. The AV PROM specialists have the necessary competencies and skills for the preparation of project documentation in complete volume.

Project works are performed  in direct interaction with the authorized representatives of the customer. The result of the work is a complete set of documents required for the creation, setup, testing, operation and maintenance of the complex at the customer’s facility.

AV PROM engineering

The volume of design work is from 1/10 to 1/7 of the total project cost, which is calculated on the basis of the technical specifications for the object.

Let you entrust the development of your project to the AV PROM engineering specialists. Let’s evaluate the quality of our completed works and make the right decision!

Design & Integration

Not every customer has the opportunity to build a new facility for the project. Rather, it is even an exception. Much more often there is a situation when the customer has already made repairs or redevelopment of the premises some time ago and you want to “enter” in this room some AV-solution. Or the customer already has AV-equipment integrated into the existing infrastructure, and the integrator is required to implement a new solution without changing the appearance of the already built and functioning facility.

Design & Integration AV PROM

The visible simplicity, when is nothing needs to be built, everything just seems to exist, has nothing to do with reality. For example, it is the situation when you need to place a visualization device (for instance, a video wall) into an existing wall opening left over from the previous AV solution. The size of the new wall will not be 100% equal to the size of the previously installed, so even the installation of standard fasteners may not be possible without right reworking. Another one example of a sudden problem is the different level of floor in the video wall section and the common floor in the room. In such situations, you have to become a Builder, in addition to knowledge in AV-integration.
In addition, often the walls of the room have a certain curvature laid by the architect and designer – for example, an oval or rounded foyer. In such cases, it is necessary to select and place the elements of the display device so that the geometry of the external lines would fit perfectly into the bends of the surface, of which they become part. The integrator often has to deal with a situation where there is no properly connected power supply circuit or it is necessary to lay it without damage to the external interior. Another example – laid communication interface cables do not meet the new requirements for image quality…

Design & Integration AV PROM

Often, the customers may not know how many “pitfalls” hidden in the process of integration of modern AV-equipment in the existing infrastructure of the object. Moreover, the more important is the effort of the integrator to implement the solution.

In fact, the customer provides the integrator with a “carte Blanche” for the implementation of the project and relies on the professionalism of the staff-installers. Successful solution of the problem opens the door to the integrator in long-term cooperation with the customer. Unsuccessful – is able to put an end even after years of working together.

Design & Integration AV PROM

The AV PROM company has many successful structural integration projects in its portfolio of solutions. The great experience and constantly improving professional skills of AV PROM specialists are the key to successful project solutions in the existing infrastructure of the customer.

Hardware supply

So now, the stage came when all the preparatory work left behind, the functionality of the object became clear and approved by the customer. The next important task is to choose and supply the complex of AV-equipment. By this equipment will be implemented the ideas and solutions created by developers, engineers and designers.
There are several ways to solve the problem with the supply of AV-equipment for the project. Seems to be that the easiest way is to try to order the equipment directly from manufacturers or through their representative offices. However, this way, as a rule, does not lead to the necessary result. Neither the manufacturer nor its representative offices are engaged in supply goods. For this purpose, manufacturers have a pool of companies that are their distributors.

Hardware supply AV PROM

In fact, it is necessary to bear in mind the following important things. First, the project has a lot of different equipment, therefore, it is guaranteed to be more than one manufacturer. Second, the distributor is obliged to solve the problem of availability of the necessary equipment with the manufacturer: it can be either its own warehouse or the availability of equipment for shipment overseas by the manufacturer with a quota for the distributor. It is also possible to manufacture complex equipment under the order within the specified period. Third, the distribution status of the supplier, given by the manufacturer, must provide for the customer the minimum price of the equipment.

Finally, it is very important that the supplier-distributor had the opportunity to supply equipment not only one manufacturer but also the entire range of equipment used in the project. Simultaneous work of the supplier with several manufacturers is able to provide the necessary result – timely delivery of equipment for the project.

Hardware supply AV PROM

Speed and quality of the solution of problems on delivery of the equipment directly depends on how the distributor will be able to solve the problems described before. Its connections and contacts with the manufacturer must be reliable. The distributor must have human and administrative resources.

AV PROM Company has long-term partnerships with many manufacturers of professional AV equipment.

Hardware supply AV PROM

The combination of a lot of partner certificates, received by AV PROM; regular training of the company’s specialists from manufacturers; long-standing personal relationships with the management of manufacturers; annual visits to factories and production facilities to get acquainted with new products; and most important thing – a huge experience in the supply of complex AV–equipment – all of this makes AV PROM a reliable supplier and importer of complex equipment for AV–projects.

Assembling & Installation

The calculations are ready, the project documentation was signed, the estimation was approved – a very important stage of work begins – assembling and installation of AV-equipment at the customer’s premise. This is the stage of direct implementation of AV-project. At this stage, the installation company must to reveal the skills of its employees. Surely, when working with complex electronic equipment, electrical work, installation and configuration of security systems, specialized knowledge are required, which is confirmed by the certification of equipment manufacturers and state licensing organizations.

The AV PROM Company has a staff of certified specialists in assembling and installation of complex AV-systems. Employees of the company has periodically trainings at seminars and workshops of manufacturers, to confirm their high qualification. Over the years the company has implemented 260 projects, some of them are presented in our portfolio.

AV-Installation AV PROM

Is there any sense in the employment of high quality (and highly paid) specialists? In fact, there is already technical documentation, which will be able to understand the installer of medium qualification. Equipment manufacturers provide operating instructions, implying that person, who able to read, will master and perform it. Many small construction companies are ready to perform repair and preliminary work for little money. At first sight, this is the way, which allow to spare money considerably. Or, finally, will be more expensive?

Let’s consider a common situation. If different organizations perform different stages of work on the installation of complex AV-equipment – who finally will be responsible for the quality as a whole? The customer, who eventually received not what was planned, will have to ask himself questions: «who is to blame» and «what to do?»… For example: to whom the customer will make a claim, if it is impossible to mount video panels precisely in the built aperture? To Builders or to Installers? Another example: everything is assembled and installed properly, but it is impossible to configure the system for proper operation. Is it a hardware defect or a mistake during installation or lack of proper skills for setting and adjustment? Another example: the video wall is mounted, but you cannot get the same color rendering for all panels. Is it a defect or inability of the staff to configure video panels? And there are many such examples…

AV-Installation AV PROM

Certification of installation specialists – not just only words. Manufacturers of AV-equipment periodically update the model ranges and functionality of their devices. They are motivated that there were no problems appears during the installation of their equipment. And in the same way, after the installation of the whole complex, the specialist must be able to properly configure it. That is why it is necessary to constantly be trained by manufacturers. The presence of the necessary certificates from the employees of the installation company is a guarantee of success for the customer!

There is a simple rule, which was created by years of experience: only professionals, who are regularly trained by equipment manufacturers and who have approved experience in assembling and installations, should install professional equipment. The result: quality assembling, entire functionality of the equipment, complete functionality as a result of installation. In addition to the above, representatives of only one organization will resolve all issues.

AV-Installation AV PROM

AV PROM qualified specialists are ready to perform any complex installation spotlessly and just in time. Let’s cooperate with us!

Configure & Adjustment

The last step in the long process of development and practical implementation of the project is the configuration and adjustment of installed AV-equipment. In fact, the success, both financial and reputational, directly depends on how the installation company will perform the final work on the project, and what will be presented to the customer, as a result of the colossal work done. This is the most visible part of the project. When the customer accepts the result of the project, he evaluates it exactly.

Configure & Adjustment AV PROM

As they say, “electronics is the science of connection”. There are no trifles in the process of setting up and adjustment of AV-equipment. Stable operation of the equipment depends more on how professionally adjustment was done than on the equipment itself. For this reason, the customer is always have a risk when trusting the setting on complex projects to people with poor skills. It should be clearly understood, that companies offering cheap services for the adjustment of AV-equipment – will offer cheap work in all senses. Employees, who are not properly qualified, can damage or set up incorrectly the very expensive equipment. In this case, the cost of rework will exceed the illusory savings if the equipment will not work as expected on the project.

A professional on adjustment must constantly improve his skills, learn new equipment, periodically train and be certified to work with professional AV-equipment.

Configure & Adjustment AV PROM

Installation companies with significant experience, such as a PROM, fully understand the importance of this stage. Employees of AV PROM have great experience in setting up and adjusting the different levels solutions – from the office projection simplest systems to huge video walls, conference rooms and control rooms. AV PROM employees always explore new AV-products, annually trained and certified by manufacturers of AV-equipment, keep their professional level at a high level. That is why AV PROM specialists always successfully and fully perform all the work on the adjustment of AV-equipment at the customers’ sites.

Configure & Adjustment AV PROM

Hundreds of customers trusts on the high qualification of employees of the AV PROM Company. We will be glad to offer you our services, your object will look just as well as the works, presented in our gallery.

Maintenance & Service

The exploitation of complex AV-equipment, such as video walls of LCD or LED panels, projection equipment, with the time inevitably entails periodic required maintenance. All equipment manufacturers forewarn of the need for maintenance and preventive maintenance. It is especially stipulated, that qualified specialists, who have been trained in the company that is the manufacturer of the equipment, should perform maintenance work.

For example, the service, we talking about, includes periodic replacement of light sources in the projection equipment, replacement of filter elements of cooling systems, checking and adjusting the image of video walls, taking into account changes in the brightness levels of the video wall panels and much more.

Videowall Maintenance AV PROM

Practice shows, that savings on periodic maintenance brings to significantly higher costs for repair of equipment in best case, and to the replacement and purchase of a new one in worst. Exactly the same consequences happen if employees without proper qualification carry out the maintenance of professional AV-equipment.

Only skilled professionals, who thoroughly know the equipment and have a certificate from the equipment manufacturer, are able not only to provide quality service, but also to diagnose possible problems with the equipment used in a timely manner. It allows to eliminate possible malfunctions in good time, to prevent equipment failure and to minimize the customer’s costs for exploitation. Specialists working in the AV PROM Company, have the great experience in the maintenance of AV-equipment. AV PROM employees every year have trainings from leading AV-manufacturers and constantly validate their qualifications.

Videopanels Maintenance AV PROM

However, any complex equipment in operation can fail. As a rule, it always happens suddenly and at the most inopportune moment. The customer is forced to cancel or postpone important events – and there are cases when it is simply unacceptable. Urgent qualified repair equipment required.

In the same way as in the case of service, only professionals who have been certified by the equipment manufacturers, should be engaged in the diagnosis and Troubleshooting, dismantling and replacement of complex AV equipment. Only the specialist can determine not only the fault, but also the most likely cause of its occurrence and prevent the customer additional costs to repair. For example, the practice shows that the noises in power grids caused by construction work could became very expensive for owners of video walls with surge power supply units without adequate protection. The AV PROM specialists in close cooperation with the manufacturer carefully explore each case of failure of any equipment, and efficiently solve the issues of equipment repair and replacement from the customer.

LED panels Maintenance AV PROM

AV PROM Company is the reliable partner of many world AV-equipment manufacturers. You can entrust the maintenance and repair of your AV-equipment to AV PROM specialists.

Hardware upgrade

As a rule, AV-equipment installed by the customer is able to solve the tasks assigned to it successfully for a long time. However, as time passes, new content appears, system requirements increases, new data protocols and interfaces are spreading. As a result, the complex of equipment that 100% met the requirements a few years ago becomes obsolete. The customer is have to make his choice: or to change all the equipment as a whole, or to leave the situation as it is, or to try to upgrade the existing equipment and bring its capabilities as close as possible to the level of today’s requirements.

Hardware upgrade AV PROM

Of course, from the integrator’s point of view, the most profitable way is to sell a new AV-complex to the customer. However, not every customer has the money to purchase again almost the same equipment. If the customer and the integrator do not agree, then they can easily stay “with their own”, and neither one nor the other will solve their problem: the customer remains the old equipment, and the integrator will not make a profit on the deal. This is a way to nowhere.

That is why the complex, thoughtful and technically competent way of solving the client’s problem by the integrator is so important. The integrator’s technical support service specialists must be able to assess the depth of the client’s problem and find weaknesses, the elimination of which is able to either solve or minimize the problem.

Meeting Rooms upgrade AV PROM

For example, to solve the problem with the light source in the video wall projection cubes, lamps for which or not available or cannot constantly changed due to the constant use of the video wall can be replaced by a bright and durable LED lighting module. Another example: the extension of content management functionality to the required level will be possible after updating only a few elements of the customer’s AV-system.

The ability of the integrator to solve the problem of equipment modernization without additional costs is highly valued by customers and becomes the key to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. The customer will be sure that his partner-integrator will always offer the best solution and will be loyal when discussing the next project. Moreover, it is highly likely that the customer will recommend such integrators to its business partners.

Conference Halls upgrade AV PROM

The AV PROM Company’s specialists have great experience in the modernization of equipment for their corporate customers. This is the key to a reliable and profitable partnership and the trust of many customers.

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